8 Manga Like Aku No Hana (Flowers Of Evil) For You To Read!!

Aku No Hana is a manga which follows the story of Takao Kasuga, a middle school student who becomes influenced and manipulated by Sawa Nakamura. His friendship with her leads him to explore his identity and relationship with his crush, Nanako Saeki.

Those who have read Aku No Hana might have all gone through the desperate struggle of finding a similar manga that would contain all of, if not most of the essence of Shuzo Oshimi’s psychological masterpiece.

If yes, then you’re not alone.

Manga like Aku no Hana (Flowers of Evil):

It’s not hard to fathom that a manga like Aku no Hana has very few peers. But fret not, I have scourged high and low to unearth manga that are similar to it. Now without further ado lets checkout our list!

If you’re here to just scroll through the list, you won’t be disappointed either. Trust me!

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1. Chi no Wadachi

Author: Shuzo Oshimi
Status: Completed

Chi no Wadachi manga cover

For those familiar with the works of Shuzo Oshimi, the first manga that would pop into their head when they think about a manga similar to Aku No Hana/Flowers of Evil would without a doubt be Chi No Wadachi.

Chi no Wadachi is a psychological thriller manga that delves into the story of Seiichi Osabe, a high school boy consumed by an unhealthy obsession with his mother. YES IT IS GETS VERY UNSETTLING!

As chapters go by, you’ll notice their relationship becoming increasingly twisted, and this is just me toning it down.

Coming to the themes, you’ll find lots of instances in the manga that explores power dynamics, manipulation, taboo subjects, and blurred boundaries between Seiichi and his mother, as she gaslights and molds every step of his life to the way she wants.

I mean yes it sounds like the story of every Asian kid, but trust me Seiko just takes it way up a notch. Don’t trust me? Read it and see for yourself.

Now the reason why I say Chi no Wadachi is similar to Aku no Hana is because both manga depict complex relationships with blurred boundaries, with equally haunting visuals. It also explores the psychological depths of its characters

Since they are created by the same author, both of them employ unconventional storytelling styles by creating intense and haunting atmospheres that immerse readers in unsettling narratives in largely similar ways.

2. Onanie Master Kurosawa

Author: Ise Katsura, Yoko
Status: Completed

Onanie Master Kurosawa

Onanie Master Kurosawa, written by Ise Katsura and illustrated by Yoko, tells the story of Kakeru Kurosawa, a high school student who leads a double life. During his daily bathroom breaks, Kakeru engages in a secret act of self-gratification – fapping it is!!

However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he is caught by a fellow student, Aya Kitahara, who blackmails him into participating in her revenge plot.

The premise of both comics is remarkably alike, as you can see. Each features an introverted student harboring a sinister secret that only an unusual, loner girl in their class discovers and exploits for her advantage.

Once again, a female character is in control of the protagonist’s life. However, Aya has quite a different personality than that of the female character in Aku No Hana. And Kurosawa has more of a personality than Takao.

While, Aku no Hana delves deeper into the darker psychological aspects, exploring how guilt and the yearning for love can haunt the human mind, Onanie Master Kurosawa emphasizes the importance of appreciating the comfort of social connections.

The themes of redemption too are present throughout both these manga, and to be honest, I feel Onanie Master Kurosawa is the closest you can get to Aku no Hana.

Both comics are exceptional psychological dramas that I’m sure the genre fans will undoubtedly enjoy.

3. Sundome

Author: Kazuto Okada
Status: Completed


Those who are familiar with, or heard of the manga Sundome, but not read it, might make the mistake of assuming that it is a fetish manga with a lot of blue balls moments.

But once you read it, you realize that its a lot more than just that.

Written and illustrated by Kazuto Okada, the plot of the manga follows Hideo Aiba who had never fallen in love with any girl at first. However when he lays eyes on the transfer student Sahana Kurumi for the first time, he ends up falling heads over heel for her.

But then, if their relationship were to have any semblance of normalcy, it wouldn’t have made it to our list of manga similar to Aku no Hana.

When Kurumi ends up joining the Roman club, Aiba gets to see a different side of her. From that point on, Aiba lets Kurumi be the master of their relationship, mostly because he is scared of rejection and being hurt.

From that point on Kurumi puts Aiba through of lot of tough spots, and he goes through them thanks to the manipulative nature of Kurumi. She dangles perverted desires in front of him and he willingly follows. In his own words, Aiba had become a monkey on her strings!

Like the ones mentioned above, the similarities between both the manga should be clear by now. A sadistic and dominant female character manipulating and ordering around a wimpy guy.

However, Sundome stays more on the perverted side even while it explores some deeper and darker themes. And also be ready for some emotional gut punches that will leave you bawling your eyes out. The story does get very high on the emotional quotient as it progresses!

While this abusive relationship might not offer the psychological thriller vibes of Aku no Hana, you can see the similarities in how the main character undergoes some changes due to this abusive relationship.

It’ll be fair to say that Aiba’s arc shows hope and promise as opposed to Takao’s. But then, allow me to end this section with a quote from Sundome – Hope can be a cruel thing sometimes!

4. Boy’s Abyss

Author: Ryo Minenami
Status: Ongoing

Boy's Abyss manga cover

If you’re looking for a dark and depressing AF, uncomfortable, and easy read then look no further, Boy’s Abyss is your manga.

Although the manga may be an easy read, the complexity of the characters trapped in a gloomy town where there is absolutely no escape will weigh heavily on you.

Now that I’ve warned you let us get to the main part.

Boy’s Abyss is a manga by Ryo Minenami that follows Reiji Kurose, a young man trapped in a gloomy countryside town. Reiji, who is burdened by family responsibilities, mostly finds solace in watching an idol group, Acrylic.

However, an unexpected encounter with Nagi Aoe, an idol from his favorite group, sets off a chain of scandalous events- multiple double suicide attempt, multiple affairs including one with his teacher (somebody call 911), and others, all of which turns his world upside down.

This leads to Reiji getting caught in a web of lies, obsession, and betrayal. The manga takes a dark turn as Reiji navigates the abyss of sin he has been pulled into.

The story will grip you tight from the very first page, with no escape just like the how the town has its hold on the main characters.

Despite having different storylines and settings, both Boy’s Abyss and Aku no Hana share a common theme of characters feeling trapped and suffocated in their hometowns, driving them to seek a way out and escape their oppressive environments.

5. Nozoki Ana

Author: Honna Wakou
Status: Completed

Nozoki Ana manga

Nozoki Ana, a manga by Honna Wakou, revolves around the lives of Tatsuhiko Kido and Emiru Ikuno. Tatsuhiko, after moving into an apartment, discovers a peephole that allows him to observe Emiru’s room.

Curiosity leads to interaction, and a complex relationship develops between them. As they navigate their connection, they encounter a range of challenges, including jealousy, trust issues, and their own personal demons.

Nozoki Ana explores themes of voyeurism, sexual exploration, guilt, and unconventional love.

It delves into the psychological impact of crossing boundaries and the complexities of relationships based on secrets and desire, as well as examines the consequences of indulging in forbidden desires and the emotional turmoil that arises from it.

When it comes to Nozoki Ana and Aku No Hana, the similarities are hard to miss. Their names rhyme!!

Both manga explore the darker sides of human nature and dive deep into taboo themes and complex relationships.

These manga invite us to question societal norms and delve into the complexities of human relationships in a way that leaves a lasting impact on our minds.

6. Welcome Back, Alice

Author: Shuzo Oshimi
Status: Completed

Welcome Back, Alice

Welcome Back, Alice is yet another manga by Shuzo Oshimi which makes it to this list of ones similar to Aku no Hana/Flowers of Evil.

It revolves around three childhood friends Yohei, Kei, and Yui. Yohei is a shy boy who got a huge crush on Yui. His best friend Kei pushes him to embrace his sexual feelings and teaches him about masturbation.

However, one day he witnesses Yui kissing Kei, but Kei soon moves to Hokkaido. Youhei, Kei, and Yui reunite in high school, leading to a seemingly typical love triangle. However, the dynamics shift when Kei appears dressed and presenting as a girl.

Through this tale of adolescent awakening, perversion, and love, Oshimi ventures into the exploration of gender boundaries, sexuality, and identity.

The manga challenges conventional notions and delves into the complexities of self-discovery, highlighting the intricate relationships between the characters as they navigate their evolving identities and emotions.

When it comes to Welcome Back, Alice and Aku No Hana, I can’t help but notice how similar they are in a lot of ways.

But what predominantly stands out is that both manga feature a perverted female character who has some kind of control over the protagonist, impacting the lives of the main characters in intriguing ways.

7. Kuzu no Honkai

Author: Mengo Yokoyari
Status: Completed

Scum’s Wish is a manga written and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari. It’s one of the more popular series in this list thanks to its anime adaptation.

The story follows Hanabi Yasuraoka and Mugi Awaya, two high school students who enter into a complex and mutually manipulative relationship. Despite harboring unrequited love for other people, Hanabi and Mugi use each other as substitutes to fill the emotional void.

This manga too, like the others mentioned in the list, delves into some raw emotions – unrequited love, loneliness, and the tangled web of human desires – leaving readers feeling all uncomfortable at some points.

It exposes the vulnerable hearts of its characters as they seek solace in unconventional relationships, exploring forbidden love and the destructive nature of manipulation.

Scum’s Wish is similar to Aku No Hana in terms of being psychological, along with the plot taking dark and twisted turns.

Both manga portray characters who navigate complex relationships and engage in manipulative behavior. They delve into themes of loneliness, longing, and the destructive consequences of unrequited love.

I am sure those who loved Aku no Hana will find themselves drawn to Scum’s Wish for its raw and introspective examination of the complexities of human relationships and the emotional turmoil that accompanies them.

8. Girl on the Shore

Author: Inio Asano
Status: Completed

Girl on the Shore manga

Girl on the Shore, a manga by Inio Asano, is a story that breaks all the romance, shoujo tropes that portrays love through a magical lens. Lets get real, these tropes gave us all unrealistic expectations.

However, the beauty of Girl on the Shore lies in its portrayal that not all attractions have innocent intentions. It could be purely sexual, and this could stem from a variety of reasons, including betrayal by a partner, or a desperate need to feel wanted, among others.

Girl on the Shore revolves around the complicated relationship between two high school students, Koume Sato and Keisuke Isobe. As they navigate the complexities of adolescence and their burgeoning sexual desires, they engage in a secretive and tumultuous physical relationship.

The story explores themes of love, loneliness, and the search for connection amidst the confusion of youth.

Inio Asano’s distinctive art style and introspective storytelling dive deep into the emotional landscapes of the characters, offering a raw and thought-provoking examination of teenage sexuality, societal pressures, and the consequences of their actions.

The similarity between A Girl on the Shore and Aku no Hana must be evident by now, with the whole ‘teenagers who don’t fit in seeking solace within each other’ trope. Lets not forget the themes of manipulation and toxicity that stay constant in both.

Final Thoughts:

Aku No Hana is a manga which defines a very peculiar genre in itself. Manipulative characters, often a female, who impose themselves on the other, often a male.

It defies logic at points, but the story does delve deep into the darker recesses of the human mind and comes with compelling narratives. I read and listed out the 8 manga like Aku No Hana (Flowers of Evil) that I felt were the closest to it.

However, I am open to hearing your suggestions about the ones that you think could make this list. P.S. there are a couple of other manga in the back of my mind which I will read soon and might add to this list!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or you could reach out to me on Reddit/Twitter!

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