Kagurabachi: Why Does Sojo Want Char?

Ignore the memes. Kagurabachi is peak!

Char has been an intriguing character to say the least. Not because of her personality, but because of her role in the grand scheme of things, atleast when it came to Sojo and his goons.

When Char was first introduced in chapter 3 of Kagurabachi, it was revealed that she was being chased by sorcerers. Meaning they had something of value to obtain from her.

It was later revealed that the perpetrator who wanted char was Sojo, an underground arms dealer.

Based on what was shown in the subsequent chapters, Sojo’s interest in char was no passing interest. He was ready to take on a considerable risk to get her back from Chihiro.

Despite Chihiro’s best efforts, he is unable to prevent Char from falling into the hands of the goons.

This suggested that whatever Sojo was planning to do with Char was something huge. And come chapter 11 of the manga, we finally understand why she’s a lynchpin in his plans.

What does Sojo want with Char?

To answer in short, Sojo wants to use Char’s cells along with the Datenseki in order to create a new weapon that will rival the enchanted blades.

Datenseki is the source material which was used by Kunishige Rokuhira to create the enchanted swords. Just like the enchanted swords, it too has the power to absorb and amplify the spirit energy and turn it into a very concentrated form.

If someone were to use the Datenseki directly, it would be very dangerous. The condensed spirit energy from the Datenseki, which flows back into a sorcerer, is toxic and the body is bound to explode from it eventually killing the person.

It’s like a highly unstable version of the enchanted blade.

However, according to Sojo, the cells of the Kyonagi clan are the key to stabilizing the Datenseki. And Char is the last surviving member of the clan, which made her the prime target for Sojo.

Sojo explains the Datenseki's powers

Based on what was seen in chapter 11, Char has become nothing but a lab rat now. The researches are shaving off some very specific muscles from her body and it is then being mixed with the Datenseki.

And this is not a one time thing. Char is being put through his horrific process again and again, until Sojo achieves his end goal.

It’s bigger than just Sojo:

Now, as I mentioned above, Sojo is an arms dealers. Just an arms dealer who is very powerful.

I don’t mean to nerf the threat that he poses, but what I mean to say is that the plan to create weapons from the Datenseki is not his. I believe he is just someone who has been commissioned to do deliver the results.

This would perfectly fit his role as an underground arms dealer too.

The ones who could actually be behind the plan to create the new weapon could be the Hishaku. Why do I say so? Because in chapter 7, there was a panel where Sojo is summoned by two members of the Hishaku (evident from the tattoo on their arms).

Sojo meets the Hishaku members

They ask him to submit his report, and Sojo responds saying everything is going according to plan.

Now, he could be talking about the annual black market auction which the bigshots of the underworld will be holding within one month. However, I feel Sojo could also be tasked with presenting the new weapon at this black market auction. What better place to sell it?

Sojo has been experimenting with Char and Datenseki for quite sometime now. Some previous panels also suggest that this is not the first time Char body has been shaved off for experimentation either.

When we first see her in chapter 3, she probably escaped from Sojo’s captivity somehow and made it to Hinao’s place.

So, it is also possible that he is quite close to achieving what he wants.

What are your thoughts on Sojo’s role in the whole thing? Let me know them in the comments below or you can reach out to me onĀ Reddit/Twitter!

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