Will Megumi Come Back? JJK 246 Has Just Shown Us A Way!

Megumi’s fate has hung precariously in the balance ever since his body was taken over by Sukuna in chapter 212. Trapped in his own body, which was now a prison for his soul, things went from bad to worse for Megumi when Sukuna eventually reincarnated completely after killing Gojo.

The question in every Megumi’s fan mind since then has been this – will Megumi come back? And if yes, how?

Well, information regarding Megumi being alive or even dead has been scarce till now. And naturally, despair festered with moral being at an all time low. However, JJK chapter 246 might just have given us the hope we need.

Based on the information revealed in the chapter, Higuruma’s domain, or the executioner’s sword which is now in Higuruma’s hand, could be key in bringing back Megumi.

Only time will tell if the Megumi we knew and loved will come back as he is (thanks to all the Unlimited Voids he took on), but a glimmer of hope is all we need to cope for his return!

Let’s take a look at how.

Will Megumi come back?

Based on what was revealed in JJK chapter 246, there is still a very real chance that Megumi will come back.

Higuruma’s domain might only have confiscated Sukuna’s cursed tool, failing to nerf the overpowered King of Curses by taking away his cursed technique. However, Sukuna still got a death penalty for his crimes, and that ruling could prove crucial in bringing Megumi back!

As revealed before, the executioner’s sword is an ultimate weapon which kills the target of the death penalty in a single hit. In this case, the target is without a doubt Sukuna.

But if Sukuna dies, Megumi will also technically die right? Well, this is where it gets interesting.

According to Higuruma, the Judgeman is able to differentiate between the souls of the host and a reincarnated sorcerer within the vessel. This was proven when Itadori and Sukuna were seen as two separate entities by the Judgeman, even though they shared the same body.

Infact, the shikigami was also able to differentiate Sukuna’s actions at Shibuya from that of Itadori’s, when the latter stood trial for the first time.

Sukuna and Itadori identified as different entities by the Judgeman

So, in the current scenario, both Megumi and Sukuna will definitely be seen as two separate entities by the Judgeman.

And since Sukuna was handed the death penalty for the crimes he committed, the target of the executioner’s sword will only be Sukuna. Megumi, or his soul to be precise, will not be harmed by the sword.

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Meaning, even if Sukuna gets killed, and if the physical body or the vessel gets destroyed, it will be possible to retrieve Megumi’s soul.

I guess this is where Itadori’s soul swapping will come into play. I am pretty sure that will help them find a suitable vessel for Megumi’s soul even if the body gets destroyed.

So, in short, using the executioner’s sword presents an ideal chance of killing Sukuna without causing any damage to Megumi’s soul.

On paper this plan sounds solid, and it is the biggest canonical confirmation we have been given by Gege Akutami for Megumi’s return.

But it is fair to note that Itadori and the others probably had this discussion about saving Megumi before Sukuna reincarnated. And ever since the reincarnation happened, Sukuna has not been possessing Megumi’s body per se. Instead, we see him in his true form from the Heian era.

We don’t know for sure if Megumi’s soul is still present in Sukuna post reincarnation, or if it has been cast aside along with Megumi’s body itself. So, it’s hard to say if Itadori and Higuruma’s theory still holds true in the present scenario.

Other possibilities:

While the executioner’s sword from Higuruma’s domain seems like the most plausible way for Megumi to come back if his soul is still present in Sukuna, there is another option which is quite similar to this one.

And that is Maki’s Split Soul Katana.

The powers of split soul Katana explained in JJK chapter 198

Using this cursed tool, Maki can ignore the toughness of Sukuna’s physical body, even if it is infused with cursed energy, and land a hit to cut his soul.

If Maki can clearly distinguish Sukuna and Megumi’s soul inside the vessel, then destroying Sukuna’s soul won’t be hard for her. Based on the Maki illustrations that we have received in the recent chapters, it is pretty sure that she will be using the Split Soul Katana in the battle.

But then the biggest problem here would be to land a concrete hit, or even be able to get near Sukuna in his current state. I don’t think all characters jumping on him will make much of a difference, even if Yuta, Maki and even Hakari join forces.

We’ll have to wait and watch how this possibility might play out.

The last resort to bring back or rescue Megumi’s soul if it is still present inside Sukuna’s true form is simply by overpowering Sukuna’s soul.

This was at least a valid option when Sukuna had not reincarnated into his true form, and I bet this is what Gojo was aiming to do – beat up Sukuna to the point where it would be impossible for him to maintain control of the vessel. Megumi could wrestle back control at this moment.

Gojo says he will kill Sukuna first and then worry about getting Megumi back

However, considering the current scenario, this is the least likely way in which Megumi might come back because, for all we know, his soul has been completely crushed by his sister’s death at his own hands, and also because of the Unlimited Voids which he bore the brunt of.

If at all Megumi is still alive inside somewhere, I think he would be in a very bad shape, and wrestling control of Sukuna’s body from him is not something he’ll be able to do.

On top of that, it would be very hard to beat up the current Sukuna, unless of course we have approached the end of the manga.

Once again, Itadori’s soul swap would come in handy, as we don’t really know what happened to his body. Like I mentioned above, finding a suitable vessel for his soul could be of utmost importance!

Some wild theories also suggest that Itadori might directly swap souls with Megumi, who is now in Sukuna’s body. Since Itadori had a better tolerance to Sukuna, he would probably be able to keep him in check, even while the latter is in his true form.

Megumi’s soul, on the other hand, will reside in Itadori’s body and be saved.

If these possibilities don’t work out, then the final and most plausible case of Megumi coming back would be at the end of the JJK manga, when Itadori and the other Jujutsu sorcerers have grown strong enough to defeat Sukuna, and somehow retrieve Megumi’s soul.

I have a very strong feeling that this is what Itadori’s soul swapping is being built up for!

What are your theories on the possibilities of Megumi coming back? Let me know in the comments below, or you can reach out to me on  Reddit/Twitter!

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