Sukuna’s World/Space Slash In JJK Explained! How Does It Work?

Sukuna’s slash that cut and put down Gojo is without a doubt one of the most discussed topics in JJK. Even though we have seen this spatial slash twice in the manga till now,  there are still things surrounding it that are unclear.

The reason why it was so talked about was because Sukuna’s world/space slash was something that bypassed Gojo’s infinity. And that’s not something every attack can do (unless you are Mahoraga of course).

In Sukuna’s own words – this slash extended all the way to include space, existence and the world itself in order to cut it.

Sukuna's world/space slash attack explained by him

However, since Gege didn’t exactly show us the mechanisms of the said attack, the questions surrounding its functionality and also its limitations remained.

So what exactly does Sukuna’s slash do? Does it cut through space time? Does it cut the whole world? Is it reality rending? Well, it seems like the answer is not THAT complex to get.

Let’s take a look.

Sukuna’s World/Space Slash explained:

According to what Kusakabe said in JJk chapter 246, Sukuna’s world cutting slash is nothing but his dismantle, whose target has been extended.

And in order to extend the target of the cursed technique, Sukuna supposedly has to form a binding vow of some sort, or needs a charge up period.

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Kusakabe explains Sukuna's world/space slash in JJK 246

Sukuna has two types of slashing attacks, the dismantle and the cleave. The dismantle is a long range slashing attack. The slashing attack that Sukuna commonly employs is the dismantle, using which he shoots slashes at his opponents.

To use cleave, Sukuna has to touch his opponents, unless they are inside his domain expansion. While using Cleave, Sukuna can adjust it depending on the opponents toughness and Cursed Energy reinforcement.

The latter lets him take down his opponents in one fell swoop.

Since Sukuna did not touch Gojo, or Kashimo, while using the world cutting slash, we can safely agree with Kusakabe that the world cutting slash is a form of dismantle itself. 

In fact this was even shown in the fight with Kashimo, with Sukuna clearly naming the attack ‘Dismantle’.

Extending the target:

What makes the dismantle a world/space cutting slash is the extension of the target of the technique itself.

Instead of targeting a particular person, the cursed technique targets a particular space and everything within that particular space including the world itself, resulting in all of it being cut.

Does that mean it cuts through space time? No, not really. This is where this attack gets a bit tricky.

Before we proceed any further, let me remind you why Sukuna even came up with this attack (with the help of Mahoraga of course) in the first place – it was to overcome Gojo’s infinity.

Gojo’s infinity is not a barrier. It’s a technique which manipulates the space around Gojo in a way that makes him untouchable. And this infinity or inviolability was what made him the strongest.

It would have been impossible for Sukuna to land a hit on Gojo using either dismantle or cleave.

Why? Because just reinforcing his cursed technique with more cursed energy won’t cut it, as Gojo’s infinity was not a barrier that could be broken. No matter what Sukuna threw at him, it would eventually slow down and never reach Gojo.

So, the king of curses had to come up with something which would bypass the infinity itself, and that’s where the beauty of the slash that cuts the world comes into play.

Now, only the attacks that TRAVEL towards Gojo can be stopped by infinity. What if the attack itself spawns in the space where Gojo exists? Well, this is the basic idea behind Sukuna’s world cutting slash, and that’s what makes it so deadly.

Sukuna’s slash targeted a particular space, and cut up anything and everything that existed inside that space, even the world. It was NOT A PROJECTILE ATTACK

Meaning, if Sukuna is standing at point A, and Gojo is at point B, the slash did not travel from A to B, instead it manifested at point B. 

Don’t take my word for it. We have some solid proof to support this assumption in the manga itself.

In chapter 238, when Sukuna uses the world slash against Kashimo, we don’t see the attack leaving behind any trail. It directly spawns where Kashimo was.

Sukuna's world/space slash used on Kashimo in JJK chapter 238

To put it in layman terms, it’s an instantaneous and humongous slash that covers up a particular space and cuts through it. Don’t picture this as a wind slash travelling. Instead, imagine something just getting slashed and cut up, without a physical attack actually reaching it.

Since Gojo and his infinity existed in a particular space, he got cut up with the attack too! The visual representation of it in the Kashimo fight clears up a lot of things tbh.

This attack truly shows how powerful a shikigami Mahoraga was, because it was able to come up with something insanely OP like this. And it is also a testament to Sukuna’s understanding of jujutsu, because he was eventually able to copy it.

So, does this mean this spatial slash of Sukuna has no weakness? And that anyone and everyone exposed to it will die? Well, not really.

Limitations of the world cutting slash:

True, the world cutting slash really is quite powerful. However, it would be stupid to assume that it has no limitations or weaknesses at all.

The fact that Kashimo was able to dodge it, albeit with Sukuna’s warning, shows that this attack can be evaded if one knows what to look for!

To be honest, a lot of readers believe that a person can only dodge the world cutting slash IF SUKUNA WARNS them about it. But that’s not entirely true. Take a look at the following panel from the Gojo vs Sukuna fight.

Pretty sure Gege knew what he was doing, when he included this bit of information right before the chapter where Sukuna manifests the world/space slash!

Cursed energy wells forth from a sorcerer immediately before the activation of a cursed technique. From the cursed chant and the scale of cursed energy that is coming forth, one can perceive what kind of an attack is set to follow.

And Sukuna himself had to chant in order to materialize the world cutting slash a second time. So that’s a blatant sign for experienced sorcerers to know what’s coming.

Sukuna's chanting for the spatial slash!

The reason why Gojo probably missed the attack is because he never thought Sukuna could have copied Mahoraga’s attack!

On top of that, there are the possibilities of a charging up time and also a binding vow or exchange required for Sukuna in order to be able to use the slash. 

While we don’t know what sort of exchange Sukuna has to do in order to extend the target, something like warning his opponents in order to increase the potency of the attack is something we cannot ignore!

Also, there could be something like, Sukuna cannot move from his position (similar to the simple domain rules) while using the world cutting slash.

So yeah, when you look at it, Sukuna’s world cutting slash definitely has its limitations. While it’s an insanely powerful attack to have in your arsenal, it also has its downsides.

And, with Gojo no longer in the picture, I think Sukuna really doesn’t need the slash in order to defeat the others. Because from what we are seeing in the fight till now, he seems to be insanely strong, even with just the basics!

What are your thoughts on Sukuna’s world/space slash? If you still have any doubts, drop your questions in the comments below, or you can reach out to me on Reddit/Twitter!

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