Merged Beast Agito: The Fused Shikigami In JJK Explained

Sukuna has managed to master the Ten Shadows Cursed Technique in just over a month of taking over Megumi’s body, showing how proficient of a sorcerer he is.

And in chapter 233, he once again showcased this by summoning a shikigami that was essentially a fusion – Merged Beast Agito.

I say fusion confidently, but there was a very small section of the fandom that initially thought Agito was the tenth and final shikigami of the Ten Shadows CT.

Sukuna has been doing things with the cursed technique that we never imagined Megumi could do.

The new beast’s appearance sent the fandom into a frenzy (overstatement?) and started the theory mills running overtime. However, was an air of confusion surrounding it.

Merged Beast Agito definitely had the features of other shikigami from the Ten Shadows, but, the confusion revolved around the beasts which were merged to form the new shikigami.

Some assumed it was just a bigger, better form of Nue, while the most common assumption was that the Merged Beast Agito was a mix of Nue and Divine Dogs: Totality, since Sukuna chanted both Nue and Totality before summoning it in chapter 233.

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Sukuna chants Nue and Totality to summon Merged Beast Agito
Nue: Totality, or Nue..Totality…

Well, none of those assumptions were COMPLETELY right, and so here we are. I’d suggest you read this pretty detailed analysis too, just to widen your perspective.

What is the Merged Beast Agito:

Based on what we saw from JJK chapter 234, the Merged Beast Agito is a fusion of the Nue – which had inherited the properties of the Giant Serpent (Orochi), the Round Deer (Madoka) and the Mourn Tiger (Kosou).

The face, and hand (claws+wings) are from the Nue, the torso and legs belong to the Mourn Tiger, the tail is a part of the Great Serpent, and the antlers suggest that the Round Deer is also in the package.

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Merged beast agito's composition!

This detail about Agito was deduced by Gojo, probably using his Six Eyes. However, we don’t know if the information is entirely correct. Could Gojo have read the shikigami wrong? Did he miss something? It’s hard to say.

Would have been much easier if it was the narrator who confirmed this information. Anyways, we now know that the tenth and final shikigami of Megumi’s Ten Shadows Technique is the Mourn Tiger (Kosou).

Just like Totality was a mix of both the Divine Dogs, the Agito is a mix of the three (technically four, but Orochi was destroyed earlier) shikigami from the Ten Shadows technique.

While we haven’t seen it use any specific attacks, I guess it would be safe to assume that Agito’s powers and abilities include electric shock attack from Nue, the Reversed Cursed Technique output of the Round Deer, and also the yet unknown abilities of the Great Serpent and Mourn Tiger.

Gojo even mentioned in the latest chapter that he needed to prevent Agito from healing Sukuna completely, so at least the RCT assumption is completely true.

Now, it’s not the first time Nue is being used to mix and match to produce a new attack of sorts. Megumi summoned Nue and Toad together to bring out the Well’s Unknown Abyss, using the Ten Shadows as a base.

However, there is a fundamental way in which both the Well’s Unknown Abyss and the Merged Beast Agito differ.

What happens if Merged Beast Agito is destroyed?

When it came to Well’s Unknown Abyss, Megumi summoned both Nue and Toad separately. They did not merge per se. Both had a separate existence.

I guess this choice of not merging the two permanently automatically created a Binding Vow/Trade-off that shikigami used in Well’s Unknown Abyss will not be permanently destroyed.

Like Akutami mentioned in the Volume 6 extras, the Well’s Unknown Abyss can be destroyed without any consequence.

Volume 6 extras from JJK explaining Well's Unknown Abyss
Don’t skip this!

However, Agito is more akin to the Divine Dog: Totality than the Well’s Unknown Abyss because the Nue seems to have merged with/inherited the properties of the other participating shikigami which I mentioned above.

Meaning, if Agito were to be destroyed, the participating shikigami, namely Nue, Round Deer and Mourn Tiger will also be destroyed permanently (Orochi was already shredded by a certain someone).

This is the single biggest difference between Agito and the Well’s Unknown Abyss.

If the Round Deer is gone, it takes away Sukuna’s advantage of having the shikigami heal him when needed, and which is precisely what Gojo is targeting now. And that’s why he is keen on destroying Agito first (also the latter hasn’t adapted to Infinity, but that’s a discussion for another time).

Also, since the rules for one shikigami inheriting the other shikigami are obscure, we don’t know for sure if the fusion that created Merged Beast Agito is permanent or not.

Is Merged Beast Agito dead?

Going by what we saw in JJK chapter 234, Gojo did destroy/kill Merged Beast Agito completely.

He used the maximum output of his Blue to completely crush the fused shikigami into a pulp. Check out the sound effect towards the end of the chapter – a satisfying ‘SPLORT’.

So, based on what we theorized in the previous section, there’s a huge question mark on whether Sukuna can summon the Nue, Round Deer or the Mourn Tiger separately anymore.

If that is the case, then it is advantage Gojo in the fight (this might not age well).

However, here are some points to note before making a conclusion on Agito and the other shikigami’s:

  1. When it came to Divine Dog: Totality, the inheritance only happened after one of the dogs died (at the Juvenile Detention Center).
  2. Nue has inherited the properties of the Great Serpent, and now it looks very similar to that of the Nue from the legends (mythology?).
  3. We don’t know if Nue has just inherited the powers of the other two, like it did with Orochi, or if it just a makeshift merging.
  4. This form seems to have Nue at its core, because we don’t really see Sukuna chanting the names of other shikigami.

Well, for me, it is definitely hard to come to a conclusion because there’s not a lot for us to go on about. However, I am interested to hear your thoughts so do drop them in the comments below! Or, as I always say, you could reach out to me on Reddit/Tumblr.

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  1. Really happy to see some speculation about Agito, I’ve been fascinated with it since it showed up so this was a good read. But seriouslt hoping that it is closer to Well’s unknown abyss, because I hope Sukuna is smarter than using 4 out of 10 shikigami at once if they could suffer perma death, espesically since we haven’t seen Mourn Tiger on it’s own yet and it would be a dumb use of Madoka Deer

    • Ahh, I guess Sukuna was going for the kill with that. I bet it was gamble he was ready to take. Also, a part of me feels that Gege did not want to think too much about the Mourn Tiger, just like he did not have a clear idea for Hanami’s domain expansion.


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