Did Itadori Use Piercing Blood/Blood Manipulation? JJK 247 Explained!

The early leaks for Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 247 have found their way to social networking sites, and one panel in particular from the chapter has once again started a huge discourse surrounding Yuji and his possible cursed technique.

And it’s not any random cursed technique, but his onii-chan’s Blood Manipulation. Passed down in the family.

Why? Because, the panel in question from JJK 247 shows Sukuna getting hit with a piercing blood attack. And since the person who launched the attack is not shown (combined with some subtle hints from the past chapters) the fandom has started speculating that it was Yuji who used the piercing blood!

But then, is this something that is really possible? Can Yuji really use piercing blood and blood manipulation cursed technique? We’ll be going through the possibilities!

Did Itadori use Piercing Blood/Blood Manipulation? Arguments for:

Let’s begin by taking a look at all the reasons why it might be possible for Yuji to use Blood Manipulation and in extension the piercing blood technique.

First things first, it has been heavily hinted that Yuji has eaten the remaining six Death Painting Cursed Wombs.

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Choso, Kechizu and Eso, the first three death paintings, were all shown to have Blood manipulation technique thanks to Noritoshi Kamo’s (the evil) blood being used to create them.

Blood Manipulation is an inherited technique in the Kamo family. So it won’t be wrong to assume that the other six death paintings too have it engraved in them.

And since Yuji has consumed the remaining Death Paintings, it is possible that he too might get his hands on the Blood Manipulation technique. This would in turn allow him to use the piercing blood.

Coming back to chapter 247, it was never shown who attacked Sukuna using the piercing blood. This could have been a conscious choice by creator Gege Akutami.

Itadori use piercing blood?

Choso was put out of commission by Sukuna in the previous chapter, and even though Sukuna analyzed the piercing blood to be from “the death painting’s” arsenal, he never explicitly says that Choso was the one who attacked him.

The secrecy surrounding this panel certainly leaves a small room for speculation. Coming to think of it, it doesn’t make much sense to not show Choso if he really was the one using the piercing blood.

Moreover, in chapter 244, we see from the flashbacks that Yuji is thanking Noritoshi Kamo (the good) for teaching him “so much” about something. This is followed by a line which suggests Choso also tried teaching Itadori something but he unfortunately turned out to be a bad tutor.

Itadori thanks Choso and Kamo for teaching him something

Now, the one common thing between Choso and Kamo (the good) is that both of them possess the Blood Manipulation technique. So if these two tried to teach Yuji ‘something’, it is highly possible that this ‘something’ was related to the blood manipulation or the blood manipulation technique itself.

Putting together all these hints, it certainly feels as if Yuji does have the blood manipulation technique.

Arguments against Yuji using the Piercing Blood/Blood Manipulation:

While the above reasons look really convincing at first glance, there are some points which go against the assumption that Yuji can use piercing blood.

Even if Itadori ate the other six death paintings, there is no guarantee that he would get any sort of cursed technique. In fact, the chances are literally non-existent. 


To begin with, only the first three death paintings, namely Choso, Eso and Kechizu, were implied to have been of the special grade level. There is no information on how strong the remaining six death paintings, which Itadori is believed to have eaten, are.

Death paintings 1-3 special grade

However, we can get a basic understanding by analyzing the death painting brothers. 

Without a doubt, Choso had the strongest cursed technique among the three. But, by the time we reach Kechizu, the effectiveness of the Blood Manipulation had whittled down considerably, turning it effectively into Rot and Decay techniques.

This begs the question, will the other six death paintings have a cursed technique engraved in them? If yes, will it even be as effective as the blood manipulation? Or will they just have cursed energy?

And even if the remaining six had a semblance of Blood Manipulation in them, Itadori still won’t be able to use it. To understand this, let’s take into consideration what Gege Akutami said in the Jujutsu Kaisen Fanbook. 

According to the author, if Itadori consumed a death painting cursed womb, it’ll either co-exist within Itadori like Sukuna did, or it will just add more cursed energy to Itadori’s body.

Q: What happens if Itadori, who is resistant to curses, eats a Death Painting Womb?

A: Either the Death Painting Womb will become something like Sukuna’s current state, or the Death Painting Womb itself will disappear and become cursed energy within Itadori. If Itadori ingests it after he is already a host for Sukuna, the Death Painting Womb will just be obliterated by Sukuna.

JJK Fanbook

Since he ate more than one death painting, I don’t think the co-existing part will work. Also, it is heavily suggested that the death paintings only got weaker as the number grew, so co-exiting is a highly doubtful outcome without a powerful presence inside them.

And, it is only if the death paintings co-exist that Itadori will even have a chance to use the blood manipulation cursed technique.

Even then, it will take some time for the blood manipulation technique to get engraved into Itadori. It will be similar to how Gojo had theorized that he will be able to use Sukuna’s cursed technique, in time.

Gojo says Itadori will one day learn Sukuna's CT

But the most likely scenario here seems that the death paintings will just add to his cursed energy reserves.

TLDR; the hints suggesting Itadori CAN use piercing blood and blood manipulation technique seem to be more prominent for now. However, we can only get a confirmed answer once the next couple of chapters drop.

If you ask me personally, I am not entirely on board with the idea of him getting Blood Manipulation.

What are your thoughts on Itadori being able to use the blood manipulation/piercing blood? Let me know them in the comments below, or you can reach out to me on Reddit/Tumblr.

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