Did Itadori Eat The Cursed Wombs: Death Paintings In Jujutsu Kaisen?

If you are one of those people asking whether Yuji ate the Cursed Wombs or not, then you probably have read Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 220.

In the past, the fandom has aggressively considered the possibility of Yuji being a cursed womb himself. While sporadic discussions did take place on what could happen if Yuji ate a cursed womb (more on that later), this would be the first time concrete theories are being floated, all thanks to a small exchange between Itadori and Choso in the above mentioned chapter.

The Death Painting Cursed Wombs are technically Yuji’s brothers. So the thought of him having eaten them should rile up our stomachs right? Nope, no such feelings. Yuji is a glutton.

Well, without wasting any further time, let’s see if the theory holds any water or not.

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Did Itadori eat the cursed wombs?

As I mentioned above, there is a small exchange in chapter 220 between Choso and Itadori. While accepting the Records of Soul Research (left behind by Yuki Tsukumo) from Choso, Itadori thanks him.

But, this show of gratitude was not for the book he just received, instead it was meant for Choso’s ‘brothers’.

We don’t need any introduction here for who Choso’s brothers are. Itadori was obviously alluding to the infamous Death Painting Cursed Wombs.

However, the surprising part here was Choso’s reply. Oni-chan says that his brothers will continue to live on inside Yuji.

Itadori thanks Choso for his brothers in JJK chapter 220
Itadori’s body is ideal for cursed objects

It is easy to misunderstand this interaction and assume that they are talking about Kechizu and Eso, who Itadori had killed during the Origin of Obedience arc. However, notice how Itadori is thanking Choso and not apologizing.

So, it definitely had something to do with the other 6 cursed wombs who are still alive.

Now, let’s piece this exchange together with what Yuji told Amai earlier in the same chapter – that he was now ready to eat anything in order to take down Sukuna. 

Itadori vows to eat anything in order to defeat Sukuna.

It’s only natural that one begins wondering if Yuji actually ate the Death Painting Cursed Wombs.

But, was there even a reason for Yuji to consider eating them?

Yuji was the perfect vessel for Sukuna, someone who could keep him in control. However, when Sukuna switched bodies with Megumi, the matter of defeating the king of curses became more pressing than before.

I’m not sure if Itadori felt responsible for what happened to Megumi, however, he is determined to set things right. And in order to do so, he needed more strength.

Itadori is a beast when it comes to physical attributes alone, however his cursed energy reserves don’t stand out at all, now even more so because he no longer houses Sukuna’s soul.

Gojo had stated that Sukuna’s cursed techniques would soon seep into Yuji. But there is no conclusive evidence in the manga of that happening either.

So, Yuji needed some other means to grow stronger, and that too in a short span of time. This explains why he was ready to go to the extent of eating anything, including the cursed wombs.

Yuji himself realized that his body was extremely capable of acting as a vessel. What better option to increase his strength than by eating cursed objects? And 6 of them were just floating around in the warehouse at Jujutsu High.

Long answer short, Yuji Itadori indeed ate the Cursed Wombs: Death Paintings based on whatever happened in chapter 220.

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What happens next?

Naturally, the next question is what happens now that Itadori has eaten the cursed wombs. Does he get a new cursed technique? Will the cursed wombs manifest inside him like Sukuna did?

The possible outcomes for this situation were provided by none other than Gege Akutami himself in the official fanbook.

According to the author, there is a chance that a Death Painting Cursed Womb might manifest inside Itadori if he ate it. However, there was also a chance that the cursed womb disappears and becomes cursed energy inside Itadori.

Q: What happens if Itadori, who is resistant to curses, eats a Death Painting Womb?

A: Either the Death Painting Womb will become something like Sukuna’s current state, or the Death Painting Womb itself will disappear and become cursed energy within Itadori. If Itadori ingests it after he is already a host for Sukuna, the Death Painting Womb will just be obliterated by Sukuna.

JJK Fanbook

Now, the common assumption is that Itadori has eaten the remaining 6 cursed wombs. He thanked Choso for his – brothers – plural. And if that is the case, there is a small chance that we will see any of them manifesting like Sukuna did. Also, introducing all those personas in Itadori at this stage would not only be hard to handle but also makes little sense.

That’s why, I am inclined to believe that these cursed wombs would only give Itadori some much needed cursed energy. Not only does it tie up the loose end regarding the Death Paintings, but also gives Itadori a boost, something that these brothers would happily do, going by Choso’s demeanor.

It is also worth stating that these cursed wombs MOSTLY WON’T give Itadori any new cursed technique, at least based on what Akutami said in the fanbook.

The body swap probably was not due to Yuji eating the cursed wombs! 

How do you think eating the cursed wombs will affect Itadori? Hit me up with your theories in the comments below, or you can reach out to me on Reddit/Tumblr.

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