Is Takaba Dead Or Alive In JJK? Ch 243 Ending Explained!

Have you ever had a fever dream? Have you experienced how absurd they are? Well, the majority of Takaba vs Kenjaku fight in Jujutsu Kaisen manga felt like that to me.

Their face-off was a mix of surrealism and some deadpan out-of-the-box jokes (the puns would be hard to get for a non-Japanese reader). While the quickly changing scenes gave us the laughs, we had some major twists waiting for us at the end of JJK chapter 243.

By the time Takaba was done, not only was Kenjaku’s head lopped off his shoulders, but Takaba’s future too was put in doubt. And that was partly his own doing. I mean who just lies down like that??

The reason why questions were raised was because Takaba seemingly just lay down all peacefully, as if he was dead. Naturally, many started wondering if Kenjaku was not the only character who would be bidding goodbye to the manga.

Keeping that in mind, lets try to understand whether Takaba is really dead or alive.

Is Takaba dead or alive?

The general consensus in the fandom is that Takaba is alive in JJK manga after his fight with Kenjaku in chapter 243.

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The reason why a lot of readers think Takaba is alive is because he was holding a normal conversation with Kenjaku even while he was lying down. Also, there were no visible signs on injuries on his body.

This suggested Takaba was just resting. He was just too satisfied with how things had played out in the fight.

He got to have his moment in front of the crowd as a comedian, even if that was just a side-effect of his cursed technique (well Takaba himself doesn’t realize that I guess). It’s highly possible that Takaba just wanted to lie down and take a moment for himself, reveling in what had just happened with him.

That could be true, and I hope that is true because losing Takaba at this stage would be very hard. I have come to like that stupid survivor for some reason.

However, there is a huge red flag in the way Takaba is dressed up.

A burial attire:

Were you one of those people who thought something was off with Takaba’s attire when he was lying down? I, for some reason, couldn’t take my mind off it.

The head band in particular stood out because I had seen some ghosts in anime wearing a similar headband. It kept nagging me and finally I decided to dig deeper into it.

Takaba's attire in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 243

There is a part of me that wished I hadn’t paid much attention to the attire in the first place now!

The heading of this section already might have given it away but, Takaba is wearing a burial attire – a white kimono and a corpse-hat.

The origins of this attire can be traced back to the Heian era, however they were prominent as a burial attire from the Edo period in Japan.

The kimono is known as a kyokatabira and dead people are usually dressed in it. The same goes with the white headband with a triangle that he is wearing. It is commonly known as a corpse hat.

While corpse hat is not the official name, the reason why the dead are made to wear it is because it symbolizes that they have ascended to a higher lever and hence are wearing that hat, which is also called the heaven’s crown.

The sharp point of the triangle is also believed to ward off evil spirits.

So, in short, going by what Takaba in chapter 243 was wearing it is possible that he could be dead, or dying. When you add the fact that he did not in any way react to Kenjaku being cut is also alarming.

Also, the way Kenjaku looks down and praises him felt like a parallel to how Sukuna looked down and praised Gojo. But despite that, there is a chance that I am overthinking here.

The burial attire could just be another joke that Takaba is trying to pull off.

Remember how the hat symbolizes that a person has ascended to a higher level? Well Takaba just had a better understanding of himself. He went through a character development of his own in that fight, and realized what exactly he wanted.

So metaphorically we could say that he has ascended to a higher state. And his cursed technique was utterly effective at keeping Geto’s cursed spirits at bay. Truck kun is real!!

Also, the color white represents purity in Japan. Takaba is a pure soul, a very pure soul who refuses to even kill people in a do or die situation. The white clothing he is wearing could be a s

What are your thoughts on Takaba’s future? Do you think he is dead or alive? Let me know in the comments below!!

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