Is Hiromi Higuruma Dead Or Alive In JJK?

Hiromi Higuruma quickly turned out to be fan favorite character thanks to his immense skill. I mean his potential is something that never should have been questioned from the start.

Sukuna acknowledging Higuruma was a culmination of sorts for the character. However, despite being someone who could have rivaled both Gojo and Sukuna with his understanding and wielding of jujutsu, Higuruma’s fate seems to have been cut short.

JJK chapters 247 and 248 must have been quite hard for his fans, given what happened in to him. Well, it was a given that Higuruma might have a hard time given the opponent he was fighting against.

And considering what happened to Kashimo, the sorcerer who was most eager to fight Sukuna, one should have been wary of a similar fate awaiting Higuruma too.

But despite all that, is it certain that Hiromi Higuruma is dead in JJK? Let’s take a look at the answer!

Is Hiromi Higuruma dead or alive?

To answer in short, Sukuna believes that Higuruma is dead. Most of the fandom does too I guess. And it’s only natural to assume so.

However, I feel that Higuruma’s fate is ambiguous even now. And that’s because of a small development from chapter 248. You know what I am talking about, don’t you?

While fighting against Sukuna, Higuruma had chalked up a plan to confiscate the King of Curses’ cursed technique and use the executioner’s sword against him. However, the only thing that got confiscated was the Kamutoke.

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Sukuna was on a different level altogether, both in skill and cunning, and even with a hack like executioner’s sword, there was nothing that Higuruma could do.

In the end, Higuruma’s tremendous potential amounted to nothing as he was cut down by Sukuna from close range.

Yep, in chapter 247 we see his body in the process of getting cut into pieces as he passed on the executioner’s sword and his will to Itadori.

At that point, it seemed that Higuruma’s fate had been sealed. Even with Reversed Cursed Technique, there was no way he could have survived Sukuna’s cleave/dismantle.

On top of that, in chapter 248, we see that the executioner’s sword passed on to Itadori had disappeared, suggesting that Higuruma’s cursed technique had been dispelled most probably because he was no longer alive.

But then, the same chapter has given me some renewed hope. And yes, it definitely has to do with Reversed Cursed Technique majorly.

Higuruma’s body was not cut up:

Buckle up, we are getting into tinfoily territories here!

At the end of chapter 247 we see Sukuna using cleave/dismantle to slice up Higuruma’s body. Technically, his torso should have been in slices in chapter 248.

However, when Ui Ui and Kirara were retrieving Higuruma’s body, it doesn’t seem to be torn up. Meaning, there is a high chance that he used RCT to heal the cuts and hold his body together.

Kirara retrieving Higuruma's body. Is Hiromi Higuruma dead here?

If you think that I am making baseless assumptions, then, allow me to point out that there is precedence for such a thing happening. And that development too came in chapter 248!

Yes, I am talking about Itadori healing his wounds.

If you remember correctly, then a part of Itadori’s stomach too was cut up by Sukuna using his slashes. However, it was revealed that Itadori too had learned RCT and that he was able to heal the damage Sukuna had inflicted on him.

Itadori uses reversed cursed technique in JJK against Sukuna

Going by this logic, it should be possible for Higuruma, who is stated to have tremendous potential and cursed technique efficiency, to heal himself in a similar manner.

But then, Higuruma definitely seemed to have suffered more damage than that of Itadori, so it is understandable that he was still out of commission. Ui Ui and Kirara are probably retrieving him to heal.

Why else would Sukuna mention the point about Shoko’s healing abilities?

Coming to the executioner’s sword disappearing! It might be a big hint for Higuruma’s death, sure. However, let’s not forget that a sorcerer can dispel their technique when they are no longer strong enough to keep it running.

Megumi’s shikigami are the best example that come to mind. He’s had to dispel them before either because he’s not able to use cursed energy (Kyoto Sister School even) or because he was too injured and the incantations ran out (chapter 1).

Megumi dispels his cursed technique against Hanami

In chapter 248, we see that Higuruma is not longer conscious. He either concentrated all of his cursed energy into healing his wounds, like Gojo did after getting stabbed by Toji, or he was no longer conscious to keep his technique running.

It would also explain why Kamutoke is no longer back. I mean, I was of the opinion that Kamutoke will come back to Sukuna once Judgeman’s confiscation effect ends, and that should probably happen while Higuruma is dead.

If you are on the same boat as me, then it is safe to say that Higuruma might not be dead yet. Will he play a role in this battle? That’s something I really have no idea about.

However, Gege can still choose to squeeze all the narrative potential he has!

Higuruma’s narrative potential:

I believe you will agree with me when I say Higuruma still has a lot of narrative potential. As stated by the cast in the recent chapters, his executioner’s sword is one of the ways that they can save Megumi, and it would be too early to let go of that option.

We probably know by now that Gege doesn’t care about such things, and if he felt this was the right time to take out a certain character, he would certainly do so without any regrets.

However, saving Megumi is not the only point left to his character.

Higuruma himself has been wondering what his role in the battle would be. Now, just before he transferred the executioner’s sword to Itadori, he probably came to the conclusion that his role was to make sure the enemy was dead even if it meant sacrificing his life.

But that choice of his is stemming from his guilt of having forsaken the law. And for an idealist lawyer like Higuruma, forsaking the law is equivalent to getting a death wish.

Going through his inner thoughts shown in chapter 247, it’s safe to say that Higuruma was still figuring out what his role was in the battle. Was it to pass on a curse to Itadori? Was it to die trying to kill Sukuna? He wondered if he would be absolved of his sins then.

In the end Higuruma was able to look Itadori in the eye, he overcame his guilt. But, I don’t think that should be the end of his character.

In overcoming his guilt, and accepting what he’s done, Higuruma probably will be taking the first step towards being reborn as a Jujutsu Sorcerer, maybe his own version of it.

I’ll be equating this transformation with that of Choso’s in his fight vs Kenjaku.

Choso regrets his actions and chooses to die

His guilt of having killed other humans made him feel unworthy of staying by Itadori’s side. The same can be said for Higuruma. He decided to take the easy way and killing the judge instead of fighting on.

In the end, he felt that giving up his life was the only way to atone for it, and in that moment, he was finally able to look Itadori in the eyes. But I feel, he will come back to live a better life.

And who knows, maybe we’ll see Higuruma unlocking even more potential from his cursed technique. After all, the law is as good as the lawyer. Who’s to say Higuruma’s technique isn’t the best out there?

All of this is my personal opinion ofcourse. The story, eventually, is the One Eyed Cat’s!


The general consensus is that Hiromi Higuruma died at the hands of Sukuna in the fight. However, I have a small hope that we’ll see him returning soon. Especially given the tons of narrative potential he has left to explore.

But it is entirely possible that I am wrong, and that I am on Gojo reviving levels of copium. Only the future chapters will tell.

Do you think Higuruma is dead? Or will he survive at the end of the battle? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, or you can reach out to me onĀ Reddit/Twitter!

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  1. I think there is potential for skoko to have ” cheated ” as yuta said, and we dont know if ui ui is saving gojo and his body to keep them away from kenjaku or not. But its diffenently not the last time we see him


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