Who Is Mother In Choujin X? Understanding Zora Better!

Being in its nascent stage, Choujin X manga has its fair share of mystery and intrigue. Mother, who is first introduced to readers in chapter 14 as a huge grotesque choujin with oversized arms for her face, is one of those mysteries.

Most of the details we know about Mother come from Hume’s perspective, so we don’t know how much of it can be trusted completely.

She is initially perceived as a main antagonist, as she is revealed to head Hume and Noh Mask’s factions. However, in chapter 30.2, we come to know that Mother is searching for the beast of salvation in order to prevent a large scale catastrophe from happening. But, there are still doubts about this motive of hers.

From what we have seen so far in the manga, Mother resides in the Omega Tower in Yamato Mori. And in chapter 15, we learn once again from Hume that she continues to weaken every day. The reason, though, remains unknown. Aging?

Motives and powers aside, we will be speculating on the identity of Mother.

Is Mother from Choujin X Sora Siruha?

In Choujin X chapter 33.2, Mother was confirmed to be Sora Siruha. However, she is currently known as Zora, or the Witch of the Tower.

Zora once held the title of Choujin X. However, like I mentioned above, her powers are waning and she is not as strong as she used to be before.

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If this comes as a surprise to you, then you might have missed all the small details that Ishida has presented in the story so far, or failed to piece them together.

Sora was a clergy member, a nun, who survived an attack by the War Choujin Queem (Quiem). She is the only person known, till date in the manga, to have done so.

Let’s take a look at some of the hints that pointed at Sora Siruha being mother.

The wings:

We get a good clear look at Sora Siruha’s powers in Choujin X chapter 27, as she is seen commanding an army of sword choujins against a possible invasion from the Gerta forces.

Sora is seen having wings in this panel. When Mother is first introduced in chapter 14, she too is shown to have wings, which are similar to Sora’s.

Both sora siruha and mother have wings

Calling her ‘Mother’:

Now, Sora was member of the clergy. If Queem’s attack wiped out most of the clergy, then it is possible that Sora took up the title of mother, and the people around her used this title to refer to her.

In chapter 27, even after founding Yamato Mori, we see that Sora still hasn’t given up on her clergy ways. The cross and robes were a dead giveaway? No?

Also, Mother could also be a title that people in Yamato Mori conferred on her, because she literally founded the place. Akin to giving birth.

Considering all these points, there is high chance that Mother and Sora Siruha are one and the same person.

But, there’s one downside that readers usually point out to this theory.

The Mother we see in chapter 14 of Choujin X had huge hands, which are similar to the hands that we see on Quiem in chapter 26. This small detail has led to the fandom coming up with more possibilities for the character’s identity.

Here’s one such theory that you might want to check out, which suggests that Mother might be someone who absorbed both Sora and Queem.

Now, coming back to the point, there might be a reason for the similarities we see between Mother and Queem.

Now moving on to the more important question!

Why does Sora have those hands?

Now, as of chapter 33.2, we know that Zora had already awakened the power of foresight before being involved in the crossfire with Queem. Then why does she have those big hands of hers?

Considering Zora’s past and what happened with Queem, there is quite a plausible explanation for this!

Enter semi tinfoil territory.

I saw some parallels between Ely facing Hume in chapter 1 and Sora facing Queem’s attacks in chapter 26, which makes me believe that she might have been infected by the War Choujin’s powers after that incident.

The story of being a lone survivor is a tough sell. However, it would be an entirely different story if Sora survived the onslaught because she was infected by the supercells at that moment, just like Ely!

How interesting would it be. Quiem’s hatred for the clergy, or even God, drove him to attack that memorial procession. What is Sora surviving, if not a cruel jape that nature decided to pull on him. Divine retribution? Anyone?

Sora was a person with aptitude for being a choujin, as seen with her being able to get prophetic visions. And being in close proximity with Queem, infected her with his powers.

This, ofcourse, is an assumption, as we still don’t know how this whole “infection” thing works.

But hey, if Ely got infected, it is safe to assume that something similar could have happened to Sora.

Sora Siruha and Ely Otta, choujins
I only added one panel here, but do check out the sequence in the chapters!

Now you might wonder why Sora has wings. This is where the second parallel with Ely comes into play!

Just like Ely had a different power, the steal, resting inside her the whole time she used Hume’s smoke, Sora too could have had two sets of abilities within her after being infected.

The wings and the power of prophecy could be Sora’s innate ability, while the hand the ability to create anything could be derived from Queem. Infact, in chapter 34.3, we see Zora manipulating Iron while using the Genesis: Prison ability!

However, there is one other possibility here!

War choujin is a moniker that Queem gives himself. Ishida mentioned in volume 1 extras that Queem purged the people who were aware of his powers. So, we don’t exactly know what kind of abilities he possessed.

This makes it hard to rule out the fact that, Queem too might have had some sort of beastification powers in him.

In chapter 26, Sato mentions via his psycho-share that Queem could design any kind of weapons or ammunition or war machine and take on its form.

Why does Zora live in the Tower?

If Zora was indeed the founder of Yamato Mori, then why is she currently living as an outcast? Why is Yamato Mori not on good terms with her?

Well, Zora’s powers of premonition played a key role in how she was able to battle Queem. But then, another choujin came who had the power of foresight.

As time passed, the new choujin, who I presume to Master Mado, was able to make more accurate predictions that Zora.

This led to a clash between their followers, and eventually, Mado’s faction gained control of Yamato Mori, ousting Zora from the place that she created.

This paints her as a sad hero. However, this is only the short version of the story, and we need more details before we are able to support a side!

Now, let’s talk a bit about her goals too.

Finding the beast:

In chapter 24, when we are first introduced to the concept of Choujin X, Sora Siruha too is mentioned as the blessed beast and hero. This is because she was able to fend off Queem’s attacks and protect Yamato Mori from being burnt to the ground.

However, sometime recently, Zora had a premonition that once again a powerful choujin, termed the Dark Calamity, will appear to turn Yamato into a wasteland.

In order to stop this she has to find to Beast of Foresight. Well more on that later, but then, this explains why she has been after the beast all this time!

Remember all the skulls we saw at the tower where Mother currently is?

All of them were victims of her experiments, wherein she tried to bestow people with her choujin abilities. However, not all of them were able to handle that sort of a power, which resulted in them dying!

What are your thoughts on Zora from Choujin X? Let me know them in the comments below!

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