Choujin X Timeline: The Ultimate Guide

Good manga often come with their own share of lore. It extends deep like the roots of a towering tree. Choujin X is one of those good manga that has a very thought out and extensive lore surrounding its plot.

Ishida has imbued the story with rich history and he has given us glimpses into it from time to time. This history, or the lore, is crucial to the story and is essentially a larger part of the puzzle that is unravelling in front of us.

Timelines are one of those crucial things which often gets a lot of attention in the manga’s fandom and helps put things into perspective. So, it’s only natural that we’d need a proper timeline of the Choujin X manga so that we go over the incidents in a glance and keep track of things. 

Fret not, because I have created Choujin X timeline listing down all the major events in the manga till now. Since the series is ongoing, I will keep updating as new things pop-up. So stay tuned!

Choujin X Timeline:

1905-06Sora Siruha is bornChapter 38
1918Guelta Commonwealth forms a battalion of over 300 choujins to unify neighboring nations. Queem, a soldier in the army, probably is converted into choujin around this time via experimentation.Vol 1 extras, Chapter 38
1919Queem incites rebellion and starts the Great Choujin WarVol 1 extras
1920Great Guelta is formed, Queen dubs himself the War ChoujinVol 1 extras
Between 1921-1923Queem attacks Antoland, Antitise awakens as a Choujin and counter-attacks Guelta forces.

Great Guelta army is worn out. Queem plans to attack Yamato for Opium.
Chapter 38
Sometime in 1921Sora Siruha travels to Nanasu as a Nun to console the spirits of the deadChapter 33.2
Late 1922 or early 1923Sora gets her first premonition, of Queem attacking the procession.Chapter 33.2
June 1923Queem attacks the memorial procession in Yamato and Sora gets infected with his supercells.Chapter 26
Late 1923 or early 1924Queem invades Yamato in earnest. An 18 year old Sora Siruha, newly awakened as the Choujin X, blocks his path along with Yamato Mori, the faction she formed.Chapter 38
Late 1926 or early 1927Queem gives up on Yamato after 3 years of battle. Sora forms alliance with AntitiseChapter 38
1927Antitise, now the general volunteer of allied choujin forces of multiple nations, assassinates Queem.

Great Guelta falls. Concept of nations collapses worldwide.
Vol 1 extras
Sometime in 1920sBattle of the Beast Islands: Yamato Choujins (including Sora, Kagomura clan and Sora’s beasts) and humans fought the army of Guelta. Sora Siruha defeats acid choujin Major general Sophor H. Harris.

2 choujin and 38,000 humans died on Yamato Mori’s side.
Volume extras
1946Self governed prefectures come into picture.Vol 1 extras
1959Zora has a premonition of the Dark Calamity. However, Mado doesn’t have the same vision. Discord is created within Yamato Mori and  Zora loses control of the choujin organization.Chapter 37
1969Zora and her followers are chased into the tower of Mourning and she’s branded a witchChapter 37
July 31, 1981Ely is bornVol 2 extras
December 25, 1981Azuma is bornVol 1 extras
January 13, 1982Tokio is bornVol 1 extras
Summer of 1988Nue Chimera (not Batista) attacks the Kagomura family Chapter 39
1995Zora gets a vision of Beast of Prophecy/Foresight manifest and defeat the Dark Calamity. Zora starts searching for the beast and bestowing her powers forcefully on other choujin/people.Chapter 37
June 1998Chandra crashes the plane on Zora’s instructions.

Ely turns into a Choujin, steals Chandra’s powers/infected by Chandra’s powers

Johnny Kageyama, Tokio and Azuma use the Xember, with the former two turning into Choujins.

Ely starts staying at Yamato Mori

Noh Mask kills Kageyama, and hires Nari to kidnap Tokio.

Nari gets caught and is imprisoned at Yamato Mori. Tokio is introduced to Yamato Mori too.

Nue (probably not Batista) hires Umezawa and Ricardo to capture Tokio as Nari failed.

Tokio and Ely take lessons at Yamato Mori.
Chapter 1- 7
Sometime late June 1998 or early July 1998Shiozaki incident happens
July 13, 1998Ely and Tokio get general Choujin registrationsChapter 15
Between July 13 and 27 1998Umezawa and Ricardo kidnap Tokio

Azuma turns into a Choujin.

Azuma is taken to Yamato Mori.
July 28 1998Tokio and Azuma (probably Ely too) apply for Choujin keeper peace officer position.Chapter 26
Between August 13- August 21 1998Tokio, Ely, Azuma, Simon and Momoma head to Beast Islands for training. 7-days of training takes place.

Sato leaves the island.

Tower faction (Chandra, Noh Mask, Yubiko and Hiroto Mori) attacks and kidnaps Tokio, Ely and Azuma.

Chandra gets absorbed by Ely.
Chapter 27-31
August 22-23 1998Tokio, Ely and Azuma meet Zora at the Tower.

Rescue mission and battle with Zora for 7 hours at Minami City.

Mo Dress is a confirmed casualty.

Chandra Hume loses his powers.
Chapter 32-34
Between September 1998 – June 1999TIMESKIP

Tokio leaves school and goes to Iwato for training with Sato.

Azuma and Ely train at Yamato Mori under Sandek.

Sometime in October 1998 protests take place against Yamato Mori

Ely goes to meet her granpappy.

Azuma and Ely become peace officers.

Batista rescues Nari, I.C. Ice and others from Yamato Mori prison.

Tokio teams up with Iwato Mori choujins (Frogar, Maureena and Cristiano) to stop Haken King.

Masamune becomes a tutor to Tokio.

Balos, Haken’s right hand man is defeated.

In May 1998, Tokio and team defeat Haken King, however the Iwato Mori choujins die during battle.
Chapter 35, 36, 38
June 1999Zora plans another plane crash with Jing and Tawashi. Nari helps them out. Ely and Azuma can’t stop it from happening.

I.C Ice attacks Ely. Tokio returns.

One day after the crash, Operation Old Market is planned. Palma reaches Minami City.

Tokio begins scouting the Old Market on his own.

Tokio enters the fourth day of scouting. Azuma and Palma meet at the beach. Batista gives the assignment to Palma later.

Sixth day of scouting – Tokio, Micheal and Micheangelo infiltrate the market with Sato in tow.

Palma enters chaos state, Tokio goes to fight her.
Chapter 36, 37, 38, 39, 40.

Note: Thanks to u/ILiveAndILearnThem on Reddit for pointing out the dates of Beast Island battle and Kagomura family massacre.

Events yet to be entered:

I didn’t get a proper timeline for the following events are yet to be entered in the Choujin X timeline:

  1. The tragedy of Morth
  2. The Great Collapse which Michelangelo mentions in Chapter 41.1 – it probably killed Momoma’s dad too.
  3. Simon and Momoma’s birth.
  4. The date of Mado joining Yamato Mori.
  5. Date of Batista leaving Yamato Mori.

If you feel there is anything I am missing in the timeline, feel free to point it out in the comments below, or reach out to me on Tumblr/Reddit.

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