Choujin X Anime Adaptation: Voice Manga Reveal Gives Fans Hope

A recent development with regard to the Choujin X manga has given hopes to its fans that a Choujin X anime adaptation announcement could be on the horizon.

Sui Ishida, the author of Choujin X, recently announced on his official X handle that he has created an official TikTok account for the series in order to celebrate the release of volume 8 of the manga.

The interesting part? Along with the announcement, Ishida also put out a video, which was basically a teaser for Choujin X getting a ‘voice manga’.

A new video will be posted on the official TikTok account every Tuesday revealing the voice actors for Tokio, Azuma, Ely, Batista and Chandra sequentially.

This new development acts as a promising sign for a Choujin X anime adaptation mainly because voice actors getting assigned to characters is a literally a huge step towards an anime adaptation.

If the voice actors perform well, it would be akin to them having auditioned for the roles, and having confirmed their involvement in the anime. This has gotten the fans fired up and hopeful.

At the same time, the release of a voice manga could be seen as something similar to that of a light novel. In case of Ishida’s previous work, Tokyo Ghoul, and even popular series like Jujutsu Kaisen, the light novel announcement is followed by a news of the anime adaptation very soon.

For instance, Tokyo Ghoul’s first light novel got published in July 2013, and the news of an anime announcement came in January 2014. In a similar fashion, the first JJK light novel released in May 2019, while the anime adaptation came out in November 2019.

The fact that Ishida has been in touch with Tokyo Ghoul anime’s scriptwriter, Chuuji Mikasono, should also be factored into this.

However, all of these are just assumptions and there is nothing concrete to go on at the moment about the Choujin X anime adaptation. The manga, with its irregular release schedule, continues to perform well, getting between 45-60k views on Manga Plus app for every chapter.

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