What Happened To The Gun Devil? Who Defeated It In Chainsaw Man?

The Gun Devil embodies the fear which humans had of guns. In the past, guns were seen as a favorable means to counter the threat posed by devils. As the usage of guns increased, so did gun related crimes, leading to an increase in the fear associated with guns.

Eventually, a large terrorist attack took place in America, which involved guns, leading to the fear related to it being widespread. The Gun Devil materializes on this day, 13 years prior to the incidents happening in the manga.

When I started reading Chainsaw Man, I saw the Gun Devil as a final villain, an adversary that Denji will overcome at the end. However, turns out all of it was a ruse.

Spoiler Alert!! You are in a dangerous territory now! Turn back if you haven’t read the manga…

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As Makima reveals in Chainsaw Man chapter 73, the Gun Devil was already defeated, with United States possessing 20 percent of the devil, The Soviets possessing 28%, China came in third with 11 percent and other countries in total shared 4 percent. The remaining 37 percent of the Gun Devil’s body was in the hands of other devils, who either consumed or fused with a part of it.

This brings forth a question, who defeated the Gun Devil in the past?

Who defeated the Gun Devil in the past?

The answer for who defeated the Gun Devil in the past, is unfortunately, not revealed in the manga. We don’t even know the timeline of when this happened.

According to Makima, it was the Soviets who chanced upon the devil in a defeated and unconscious state. We don’t know how long ago the devil was defeated.

However, based on other things that Makima has relayed, we can come up with a supposed theory.

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It was the Chainsaw Man:

According to this theory, it was the Chainsaw Devil (or the Chainsaw Man if you may) at its full power, who defeated the Gun Devil the first time around.

In Chainsaw Man chapter 87, Makima tells Chainsaw Man that he once fought against the weapons devil and the four horsemen in the past. The Chainsaw Devil was apparently overpowered by them and he vanishes at the height of the battle.

Though Makima and the others searched for the Chainsaw Man, they couldn’t find him, because he was living in a near death form.

Now, the Gun Devil is a weapons devil.

Makima doesn’t confirm nor deny the presence of Gun Devil in this battle. However, there is small detail in the manga, that might just prove its existence.

In chapter 1 of Chainsaw Man, when Pochita first makes its appearance, he is bleeding from a wound which appears to be caused by a gun shot. Chainsaw Devil turning into Pochita could be an aftermath of the battle that Makima mentions. And this would prove that the Gun Devil too was one of the weapon devils present in this mega devil brawl.

Pochita's injury in chapter 1

Off the top of my head, here’s how things could have played out.

Considering how the Gun Devil and the Chainsaw Devil both have immense speed, their battle might have taken place across countries, including the US, China and others.

The Chainsaw Devil might have defeated the Gun Devil somewhere in the Soviet Union and left it there to die, but not before sustaining a gun shot injury from the latter.

While the battle with the other devils continued, eventually reaching Japan, the Soviets might have chanced upon a defeated Gun devil and confined whatever was left of its body.

This would also explain how different nations ended up possessing the body of Gun Devil. The Chainsaw Man chopped it up during the fight and it stayed back there.

Ofcourse, all of this is just an assumption from what I have seen in the Chainsaw Man manga, and I could be wrong about it.

Gun Devil’s second appearance & fight with Makima:

The Gun Devil appears one more time on September 12th, 1997, after making a contract with the United States president to kill Makima, the control devil.

However, this was not the Gun Devil in its entirety. Only the 20% of the Gun Devil’s body, which was possessed by the United States, made an appearance that day.

I guess 20 percent of the devil was sentient enough to form a contract and carry out an attack.

Five seconds after it appeared off the coast in Akita Prefecture, Japan, the Gun Devil fires a bullet at Makima’s head, and kills her. This was her 29th recorded death. However, she comes back to life again, the devil!

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Did Makima kill the Gun Devil this time?

No, Makima does not kill the Gun Devil, she only defeats it and leaves it in a vulnerable state.

Using the contracts of Yutaro Kurose & Michiko Tendo, she is able to summon the Punishment Devil, along with Akane Sawatari’s Snake Devil and Aki’s Future Devil.

She then proceeds to attack the Gun Devil, after her ability activation.

However, she does not go ahead and kill the Gun Devil, instead only defeats it to point that the devil had no other option but take over a dead human to survive.

This is proved by the fact that Aki becomes the Gun Fiend.

If you still doubt if Aki is a fiend or a hybrid, look no further than chapter 76 of Chainsaw Man, where Aki Hayakawa’s name is mentioned in the list of casualties caused by the Gun Devil.

Aki dead in chainsaw man

Also, when Makima uses the Future Devil’s powers, it was via the ante-mortem contract that Aki had made with it. Ante-mortem…meaning it was performed before his death!

Also, Makima did not have a contract with the Gun Devil!

How did Aki become the Gun Fiend?

If Makima had overpowered the Gun Devil, how was it able to possess Aki? The last we see of the fight between the two, Makima had summoned the Punishment devil, and from the likes of it, the Gun Devil was probably no match for it.

How then, did the Gun Devil manage to escape and possess Aki’s body? Wasn’t Aki’s body literally close to Makima, couldn’t she have finished off a weakened Gun Devil then?

Well, the answer is not that hard to discern. Aki became the Gun Fiend, because Makima purposely let the Gun Devil possess his body.

Making Aki the Gun Fiend was a part of her elaborate plan to break the contract that Denji and Pochita had between them, so that she could resurrect the Chainsaw Devil.

After making Aki the Gun Fiend, she made Denji fight and kill it. Making the choice of killing Aki, with whom Denji had become very close, made him depressed and guilty. This was Makima’s way of slowly breaking him.

Did Denji kill the Gun devil/gun fiend?

Yes, Denji kills Aki in his Gun Fiend form, meaning he killed the Gun Devil. However, this is not the whole story.

The Gun Devil that appears in Chainsaw Man, as I mentioned before, is only the 20 percent that is owned by America. If that’s the case, then the Soviets, atleast, can still make a contract with the Gun Devil and unleash it on their enemies.

We still don’t know what happened to parts of the Gun Devil that was consumed by other devils. For all we know, it is still existing out there.

Take Power’s case as an example. By making him drink her blood, the Blood Devil continued to exist in some form inside Denji, even after being killed by Makima.

And by consuming a piece of Pochita, the blood Devil was able to resurrect completely.

Similarly, by making a strong enough contract, the Gun Devil, whose body parts are still out there, too might be able to make a return and resurrect in its sentient form.

So, the Gun Devil as we know it, might not be gone entirely. It might still make an appearance in the upcoming chapters of Chainsaw Man. The Gun Devil is literally Fujimoto’s ‘Chekov’s gun’.

What are your thoughts on the Gun Devil and its fate in Chainsaw Man? Do you think it is dead? Will it make an appearance again in the future chapters? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Great interpretation/explanation. I’m convinced. Starting and binging CSM quickly didn’t leave me time to think about some of these questions. It does bug me how sudden the gun devil wasn’t the primary antagonist with such a buildup, but there are hints at Makima’s nature. And of course it’s not over yet, so there’s plenty of freedom to develop the story of
    the gun devil.


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