How Are Quanxi, Reze & Other Hybrids Still Alive In Chainsaw Man?

Quanxi and Reze turned out to be two much loved characters in Chainsaw Man within the short span of time they were present in the manga. And rightly so!

While Quanxi stood out for her badassery, the love for Reze stemmed from her character development, and her relationship with Denji.

But then, both Quanxi and Reze were killed by Makima at the end of their respective arcs. Reze’s death especially hit hard, as a lot of people mourned her loss and came to hate Makima’s (and in extension Fujimoto’s) brutality.

However, the sorrow was short-lived thankfully, as both these characters came back to life towards the end of Chainsaw Man Part 1 itself. The only downside? They, along with other hybrids, were suddenly acting as Makima’s minions.

Confusion surrounding Reze and Quanxi:

The initial confusion surrounding Quanxi, Reze and the other hybrids coming back to life was only natural. Why? Because Makima was there in the picture with them.

If you are familiar with her powers, you’d know that Makima can use the abilities of even dead people via ante-mortem contracts. We saw this happen when she utilized Aki’s Future Devil and Akane Sawatari’s Snake Devil abilities.

Akane is connected to Makima via a chain

And so the question remained. Were the hybrids just a manifestation of Makima’s powers? Or did they actually come back to life?

Well, they were certainly not a manifestation of Makima’s powers or reanimated corpses. There is a clear differentiating factor between being alive and under Makima’s control and being dead and under Makima’s control, atleast when it comes to the art.

If Makima is using the abilities of characters who are dead, then Fujimoto depicts them as being connected to Makima with a chain. Even in death, they are not free!

When we see Quanxi, Reze and the other hybrids fighting against Chainsaw Devil towards the end of the manga, notice that they do not have the said chain connected to their bodies. Meaning, they are not a manifestation of Makima’s powers and they were actually present there.

The story, however, doesn’t end here!

Denji defeated and killed Makima at the end of Chainsaw Man part 1. If these hybrids were under Makima’s control, did they die too? And if they did, how did they come back in Chainsaw Man part 2.

Well, Reze is yet to make an appearance, but going by what we saw, all the other hybrids are alive, so there is nothing to say that Reze isn’t.

That aside, let’s tackle the important aspect of our question – the ‘how’ of it!

How are Quanxi, Reze and other Hybrids still alive?

Reze, Quanxi and other hybrids are still alive because in the Chainsaw Man universe, hybrids are said to be immortal. Meaning it’s not very easy or nigh impossible to kill them.

This was first mentioned by Kishibe while he was training Denji and Power.

Kishibe explains that hybrids are immortal
Denji is the boy

Now, think back to when Quanxi cut off Denji’s head. He had no trouble regenerating then. He survived it. While fighting Reze, at one point only the top half of his body was left. But he was able to regenerate with a little amount of blood.

On top of that, we have seen Quanxi herself survive after being chopped into pieces by the Darkness Devil.

Quanxi gets sliced by Darkness Devil
The darkness devil massacre

Going by that logic, Makima was never actually able to kill Reze or Quanxi. She only impaled (very badly) and defeated them. For real, we never see them dead do we. Just in a very bad state with a lot of blood loss. For hybrids, that’s probably nothing.

Reze Dead in Chainsaw Man

And thanks to the powers of the control devil, once they were defeated, the two of them were under Makima’s control. That’s why see them alive and well, but as Makima’s minions during the final arc of Chainsaw Man part 1.

So no, Reze, Quanxi and the other hybrids were definitely not reanimated corpses. They were perfectly healthy and living!

But that only clears up one part of the problem. What happened to them after Makima died? 

Based on what happened in Chainsaw Man part 2, once Makima died, it only undid the control she had over the hybrids.

Denji killing Makima actually liberated the hybrids, including Quanxi and Reze, and they were free to do what they wanted after that. This was confirmed by the sword hybrid Miri Sugo (also known as Sword Man), in chapter 139.

Sword man says that Denji killed Makima and freed them.

Till now, most hybrids like Quanxi, Flame, Katana and others, excluding Reze, have shown up. But, since we know she is alive, Reze’s appearance probably isn’t far behind, that is unless Fujimoto does a Nobara on her.

What are your thoughts on the hybrids’ immortality and Reze and Quanxi’s revival? Let me know in the comments below, or you can reach out to me on Reddit/Twitter!

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