Top 15 Depressing Manga That Are Quite Dark!!

Top Depressing Manga

We’ve all experienced the curious urge to consume depressing works that reflect the dark recesses of humanity and their experiences. Even for us manga enthusiasts, this holds true. But I feel that not every manga with a “depressing” label accurately captures the emotional gut punch I particularly crave. A feeling of emptiness and hopelessness. Take … Read more

Did Itadori Use Piercing Blood/Blood Manipulation? JJK 247 Explained!

Itadori Jujutsu kaisen

The early leaks for Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 247 have found their way to social networking sites, and one panel in particular from the chapter has once again started a huge discourse surrounding Yuji and his possible cursed technique. And it’s not any random cursed technique, but his onii-chan’s Blood Manipulation. Passed down in the family. … Read more

Sukuna’s World/Space Slash In JJK Explained! How Does It Work?

Sukuna’s slash that cut and put down Gojo is without a doubt one of the most discussed topics in JJK. Even though we have seen this spatial slash twice in the manga till now,  there are still things surrounding it that are unclear. The reason why it was so talked about was because Sukuna’s world/space … Read more

Will Megumi Come Back? JJK 246 Has Just Shown Us A Way!

Will Megumi come back

Megumi’s fate has hung precariously in the balance ever since his body was taken over by Sukuna in chapter 212. Trapped in his own body, which was now a prison for his soul, things went from bad to worse for Megumi when Sukuna eventually reincarnated completely after killing Gojo. The question in every Megumi’s fan … Read more

Why Sukuna’s Cursed Tool Getting Confiscated In JJK 245 Isn’t An Asspull!

Sukuna's cursed tool getting confiscated!

Please read the whole write-up before you proceed to roast me! Thanks! Higuruma’s domain was supposed to be the trump card against a reincarnated Sukuna, who was now in his true form. Gojo came mighty close to defeating Megukuna, but still fell short. And Kashimo did squat, as he was just all talk against the … Read more