About this spirit

If you are on this page, it probably means that you want to know more about me, and that makes me happy! It’s all the small things (like the Blink-182 song), really!

You see me as a humble white spirit. But that doesn’t even begin to describe me or the swirling mess of thoughts that I have in my head.

The name of this blog “The raging spirit”, is not something that is very unique. It is partly inspired by one of my favourite series, Noragami. However, this name aptly defines my state of mind.

Filled with rage; not of emotions, but of words that never were spoken (Edit: now everytime I read this line, I cringe badly. This is how I might end up dying).

Armored with a horde of opinions and thoughts, that were begging to be released, I come to you with this blog. A raging spirit true to its sense!

Well, that aside, let’s talk about something more important

Why start a blog?

Have you ever felt like there’s a lot that you want to talk about, but you just don’t have the right people to express it to? Well, that feeling is precisely what made me start this blog!

I have been a fan of anime and manga for quite some time now (there’s Crunchyroll in the spirit world too); and there aren’t many in this otherworld who could relate to it. So, it goes without saying that I lacked an outlet for all the thoughts that I had pertaining to my favourite series.

A character died? A awesome twist happened in the plot? A traitor got revealed? I WANTED TO SCREAM ABOUT THESE STUFF SO BADLY! But more than that, I wanted to talk about the parallels and foreshadowings and everything else that made a story beautiful! The pent up emotions and thoughts needed a way out.

Social media helped. But, somewhere down the line, I realised that there were no tangible returns on the hours that I spent on the platform. My greedy self yearned for something more. This was when the thought of starting a blog online first came to my mind.

But why would people want to read what a random spirit writes about? Was I providing any value to the ones who did read what I wrote?

These thoughts plagued me, and I would then shelve the idea of starting a blog indefinitely. However, the ideas and opinions that I could not express would only continue to grow.

You see, I was trying to find a purpose in what I was about to do. It’s almost as if my blog was looking for a reason to exist. Will this only exist as a hobby of mine? Is that all my favourite series meant to me? After giving it a lot of thought, I realized that the answer was NO!

I did not want it to be JUST a hobby. I decided that I would spend a considerable amount of time to construct, organize and present my thoughts to people who might be interested. And if these write-ups are able to provide you with the slightest bit of entertainment; or if they help you admire or understand the series that I talk about, better; then nothing else would make me happier.

Wait! I almost sounded like a saint there. Don’t get me wrong. I love writing, but I also plan to rake in some money by running this blog. Spirits have their needs too!!!!

So, all I would ask you do is this, if you love reading what I write, then please stick to this blog and support me so that I can earn tons of bucks and buy lots of manga volumes! (In short, please disable your adblockers if you can!)

What will I write about:

I will mainly be writing about the following series;

  • Chainsaw Man
  • Choujin X

I plan to stick to analyses and opinions, but would also try to answer some burning questions related to these manga.

If I get more time, then I shall include more series. I also intend to do a review here and there and dip my toes into creating some curated lists if possible.

So, if you enjoy them as much as I do, then I am sure you definitely will love some of the ideas that I express here.

And if you don’t, then you have the comments section to state your thoughts freely. I shall not ignore what you want to say! For real!

You can also connect with me on my Tumblr, or drop me a mail if you want to talk to me!